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small errors have a major impact

loser I was. more than a loser even. lately all I do have a bad impact on my own. My aim is true, but the result is not according to plan. and all were the result of my own mistakes.

you know how the story?
My accounting class in school is bad. from the beginning I suppose it is never good. when I did not take account's LKS, and other annoying things. until even worse yesterday when test account. Initially I was a big hope on the account to be in my future. because I want to re-learn quite seriously. on tuesday last holiday I had prepared a table for the test post. and the day before the test I discovered that I made a table less than one of each row. last night before the test I create a new table in the new paper. and that night I was a little memorizing how to give the account number. repeated the next day when some children were told not to create a table create table outside the classroom and must not repeat. I'm doing pretty well with the test. test of time until it finished, my teacher told me that there are some children who are convinced that they should be remedial and create a new table for remedial. and you know what? I walked in it I was on the list of specified remedial child before the test we checked.
and you know why why? because I'm working on posting a sequence of cash instead of sequentially from the first date. and I swear to not know anything at all about doing posting to a sequence of dates. results of consecutive working with dates and the sequence with the cash are the same all the same just means when we do it differently. oh my god! my body wanted to melt it! I can not blame anyone, not anyone but myself. because it was my fault. but you know why I'm on a sequence of dates? because I did not go to school for a week two weeks ago because I was sick. and I also can not blame anyone for this. I just have to do sengan their posts outside the classroom during tests, but clearly they were more fortunate than I am. me? I have created a table and even up to two times, I've learned how to give the account number, I have been doing reasonably well test even finished.

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